Ultimate Air Dogs
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Ultimate Air Games is our Nationals, as well as an end of the year party for all of our competitors. It takes place at beautiful Purina Farms, in Gray Summit, MO.


Ultimate Air Games is not open for walk-up registrations or practice dogs.

THE ONLY WAY that you can participate at the Games is by attending a Regional Qualifier, and ranking in the top 5 of your dogs division in the Bubble before the Finals. As of this time, we DO NOT have last chance qualifiers at UAG... you must qualify during the current jumping season.

What you can expect from Ultimate Air Games is simply a GREAT TIME! You'll see lots of people you know, plus meet some of your Facebook friends.

TENT CITY is an absolute blast and since the Games are right around Holloween, feel free to dress up your tent, yourself, and/or your dogs!

Our "Big Ole Family Dinner" event is Friday night. It's "come however you like" meaning wear your dock clothes, wear a ball gown, or wear a costume... either way, there will be food, drinks, karaoke, and tons of fun!


This was the 2017 ULTIMATE AIR GAMES SCHEDULE so it will give you an idea of how it all works. 2018 will be pretty close to it. This schedule will be updated closer to the Games.

Thursday Schedule

Friday Schedule

Saturday Schedule

Sunday Schedule


How this schedule works:

Look at the bottom of each day to see what the qualifications are for Finals (Thursday says "Divisional - top 5 from Thursday go thru to Sunday) - i.e. on if your dog is qualified in the Novice division, you have 2 opportunities to qualify for the Finals on Sunday.

You can jump on Thursday, and if you place in the top 5, you get an automatic pass to Sunday.

If you do not make it in the top 5, you would need to jump again on Friday to make it into the top 5 to go to Sunday.

You can choose to only come on Friday, but you lessen your odds of qualifying for the Finals.

This is just an example for qualifying for divisional Finals, but the same principals can be applied to IT-Games and Specialty Divisions.